Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pixie, food & coffee

I have so been slacking on uploading some of the pictures I promised! First off Little miss PixieFried! This 1st picture is what her hair in the front looks like with a gentle brushing, the second shows her hair after 1 night of sleep (after a bath & hair washing no less) and the 3rd is the beginning of her dread locks. We are half way done with them now but I am trying to take my time since the wax really annoys me for some reason.

I am trying to get back to my bread making and pulled up an old tried & true recipe (that requires a lot of tweaking as it doesn't call for nearly enough liquid to make a good dough). Now I made these 2 double batches from the same recipe, at the same time, using the same method. WTF happened to the first batch is beyond me but it made damn good cinnamon toast for the kids afterschool snack. The second batch didn't last too long either as for some reason we eat through homemade bread a lot faster than store bread. Taste really does matter ;-) Tomorrow I am going to make some honey wheat loaves as well as some plain ol white bread.

seriously what happened?

but oh this looks perfect!

For dinner the other night I made minestrone soup. Oh so yummy and so easy! I subbed regular mac noodles for stars to make it more fun. This recipe yielded enough for me to freeze 2 more nights worth of it, yay! This helps with our money saving plan as this was a very cheap recipe and to get 3 meals from it just rawks!

And last but certainly not least I made dulce de leche coffee a la the pioneer woman (who IMO is certainly the Goddess of easy inexpensive but to die for foods!) minus the booze, which wasn't missed but would certainly turn this already incredible treat into something sinfully delish!


  1. The bread looks FAB!!! Making me soooo freakin' jealous that I can't use my fantabulous kitchen aid that I got for my 30th. No more bread making for me for a while... but I will admit entertaining thoughts of bread making on the road, once we get the hang of things ;-) It def won't be involving the mammoth mixer though... nope back to the old school way I started - hands!

    Pixie looks adorable! Hint... don't use anymore wax. One time is best, I can explain all of our findings after many years of dreads now! A great source of dread soap is MayleesGarden on Etsy. She is the best!

  2. The one time waxing kills me, everything sticks to my fingers yuck! But these dreadies are holding very well, unlike RoryAnne's a few yars back. Now I just need to finish them off.

    Nothing wrong with kneading brad by hand, good way to take out some frustrations!