Monday, March 22, 2010

My thoughts on the Health Care Reform Act

I really didn't much feel like blogging today. So much going on in my head but not much to actually talk about. I was happy to hear the Health Care Reform Act was passed. It's still needs more work and more changes but this is a beginning and I hope it's in the right direction. I feel like it is. It really just blows me away that while we have some of the best health care in the world that so many people are denied even basic coverage or can't afford basic coverage. Then on top of that how many who do have coverage lose it every day for becoming ill or having a "pre existing condition". It seems those who oppose the loudest are the ones who have reliable health care and I don't understand how they couldn't want that for everyone? Or the ones who say they don't want healthcare at all since the do not use allopathic doctors. Ok, we don't use allopathic Drs either unless necessary. We have paid out of pocket for home births & naturopathic treatment & chiropractic care. But I tell you what the day we need to rush a child to the ER or heaven forbid if one of us needed to stay extendly in the hospital or have a surgery I am ever so happy to have that allopathic health care available to us through our insurance. There is no way you can plan and save for that kind of expense and these people who think they don't need insurance since they don't use allopathic doctors are the ones that help drain the system with tax payers dollars when they do need to use the hospital for what it is there for. That is pretty damn selfish if you ask me. It's pretty damn selfish to benefit from having health insurance and deny someone else that basic right. Hell yes I would be willing to pay more taxes (whether that be the case or not regarding this Bill, it is 200 pages long and I have barely cracked the surface) to ensure that family of 5 that is working 3 or more jobs to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table for the children, they have health insurance. Or about that young family over there who is being denied coverage because the mother has a pre existing condition that was covered while on her parents insurance but no longer allowed insurance once she was married and could not be covered by her parents. These and more are happening everyday.

Now yes in an ideal world I would much prefer the government not be involved but look at what has happened to our banks and insurance companies because of non involvement? They aren't being held accountable for their business practices and it' about damn time they were. Government insurance is well and good enough for the Legislatures, Congressman, Senators, Governors etc why can't it be good enough for the average citizen?

Do I worry, as a non vaccinating home birthing mother, that this Bill may open the door to forced vaccines and hospital births? Well yes and no. Homebirth is statistically as safe if not safer than hospital births but it is exponentially cheaper and cheaper is what talks right now. Lower cost of health care = pushing for more home births and midwifery model of care. Other countries with "socialized" medicine have religious & medical vaccine exemptions, why would the same not be true for us? As an intactivist trying to end the medically unnecessary cosmetic removal of infant boys foreskins I think this bill may help this movement. As it is insurances are refusing to pay for this surgery and if all insurances refuse that means the number of circumcisions will decrease as most families are not going to pay $300-500 out of pocket for this surgery.

I suppose I am just having a hard time seeing the bad in this bill, seeing the bad in change. We the people elected Obama because he promised health care reform. This week his Bill has been passed and he is fulfilling at least one promise he has made to us. This is what the majority of the people wanted whether the naysayers want to believe it or not. The proof is in the pudding.

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