Monday, March 29, 2010

Just another manic Monday

and I am exhausted! Spring cleaning is hard work and I am just getting started. So much more work to be done inside and outside, a never ending task it seems. I am so tired today I am barely functioning. Somehow I have found the energy to make granola bars from scratch, eat lunch with my daughter at school (more about that below), wash the puked on comforter at the laundromat, and then come home to make whole wheat snickerdoodles,wash a load of dishes, and several more loads of laundry. I swear I just folded 5 baskets of clothes yesterday and now I have 5 more baskets, yuck!

I went to school and had lunch with Rory today. As part of my school food revolution fight I needed to see and experience the school lunch so I could have first hand knowledge of what is being served. Did you catch this past weeks segment where Jamie Oliver showed the kids how a chicken nugget is made? The chicken patty that was served today looked worse than that. I swear it was more floury goo than "chicken" anything. The menu was chicken patty on bun, french fries, shredded lettuce & pickle, fresh apple or cup of mandarin oranges, and chocolate milk. Thy offer white milk but of the 3 first grade classes I only saw 1 student who picked that option. Second ingredient on the chocolate milk was high fructose corn syrup. Yeah. The kicker? The food is served barely even lukewarm and the fries were stone cold. So not only they serving nasty processed foods but they are making it nearly inedible by serving it cold! My kids that are in school have been begging to eat breakfast at home & pack cold lunch, which up until now I have been saying no to. They are conditioned to eat that crap so while I saw my 7yo eat (and she went for her fruit first) her lunch, my 5yo, who is not conditioned to eating this crap, barely picked at her tray of yellow fried over processed "food", instead optiong to just have the milk and an apple.

I know I had more to say but I think my lunch is still sitting like a lump in my stomach making me more tired than usual. Looks like a short blog post from me today!


  1. Jamie Oliver is one of the reasons I've started cooking without the convenience foods I grew up with, using fresh food just tastes so much better. How awesome is it that your kids are so food savvy that they'll turn up their noses at the junk that their peers are eating. Good for you and for them!

  2. I thought me and my family ate terrible, until I saw jamie Olivers show. We don't eat as bad as I had thought. My idea of convenience foods are frozen vegtables. I always look at labels and if I can't read an ingredient, I don't get it!! We could still do better, but atleast now I don't feel so bad about what we eat.

  3. With our dad & mawmaw it was always fresh but usually fried or smothered in butter so not exactly healthy. With our mom is was fast food & grandma was canned, frozen, or otherwise packaged. I learned the most about food from my stepfather.

    The kids will now be taking lunch to school which made them literally jump up and down in excitement! Looks like I'll be in the kitchen a lot more whipping out yummy healthy snacks & treats for them to take to school. I can't wait to get our gardens going so they can also have homegrown produce :)

  4. I love tihs post, Jen. I'm thankful that my sons school actually has a decently healthy lunch menu. Of course, I'm sure it could be better. Hey! I just started blogging on here, if you want to check me out. Miss seeing ya girlie!

  5. Hey girl! I am following you now :) We are learning some very interesting things about our district right now, in fact I am off to blog about it ;-)