Friday, March 12, 2010

Pick your level? Pick me up off the floor!

Remember yesterday when I said that pilates work out had a fabu core workout but lackd in arms & legs? Well I LIED. This is the first morning I have woken up with sore muscles, everywhere! Oh the pain ::whimpers:: But I am a big girl I can tough it out. Get off my ass get out of bed and go work out again.

Today's adventure was pick your level: weight loss pilates. Same instructor as yesterdays video so I know it's going to be good, not to mention the 4.5 stars on netflix. So level 1 is the beginners obviously up to level 3 advanced. Let me say this now, if I ever reach level 3 I will model nude. That was some hardcore shit there. The level 1 is very basic and I think may have been almost too easy if I weren't in fact sore as hell from yesterdays pilates. I stuck with the level 1 for my sanity and it was good. I feel like it hit every muscle group in my body. Hell my arms are so sore just doing the breathing exercises where you raise your arms up over your head, yeah that was hard. The core work was awesome! I still have this feeling that my glutes and thighs aren't be working because I am not doing a million squats, however based on the way my thigh muscles feel this morning I would say whatever it was I was doing was certainly effective.

I have to be honest and say I almost didn't workout this morning. I stayed up too late for a German yarn update, what can I say, I have a yarn addiction! And that meant when the alarm went off this morning I didn't hear it and must have pushed some button to turn it off. Fortunately Jared is fairly reliable in his waking schedule and was up in time to yell at me for not waking everyone up. I had a hard time getting myself motivated to get out of bed even with the Pixie jumping on me and begging me to make her some toast with butter because my bread is sooo yummy. Oh yeah that reminds me I was going to do a blog with pictures of yesterdays adventures. I'll do it later. Back to me, I forced myself out of bed and came down to sit in my favorite rocking chair. I sat for about 10 minutes before I said to myself "Girl this is NO good. Get off your butt and go work out, it's just 30 measly minutes of your time and if there is something you have to spare it's time. Now move it!" And move it I did.

Today I challenge myself to finish Pixie's dreads, finish a sock, finish the leg of another sock and still cook dinner and after school snack for the kids. Oh yea and that blog with pictures :)

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