Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Title this!

Yeah I hate coming up with titles for my blogs, it's stupid what can I say. Today has pretty much been a waste. Well not really it just feels like it has slipped by quicker than I can blink. Had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to take my 2 kittens in to be spayed, yay for that. Then the Pixie & I headed up to Bremerton to hit Amy's chocolate shop. This place has the most amazing salted caramels EVA. Crazy expensive lil treats but man so so good!

Afterwards we headed over to Samudra coffee, tea & yoga for a quickie breakfast while we waited for our friends Caroline & Olivia to arrive. Samudra has some of the yummiest latte's (creme brule is my ultimate fav) and the bake goodies friesh everyday so I usually end up with a bacon & cheddar scone while Pixie usually ends up with a healthy (is there such a thing?) cookie. This morning it was a clover shaped gingerbread cookie with green frosting, mmm healthy! But plans went awry and CC& Olivia couldn't make it so change of plans we went up to the base to have lunch with the Mr. Well he ate lunch, she had a chicken strip and I nibbled some fries since we had just literally had breakfast.

While we were eating the school called to say X had a tummy ache. While I called the school to talk to him Mr tried to set up our counseling appt. Which reminds me I need to call them back myself b/c they want to have a 30 minute phone convo first before setting up an appt. I guess so they can give as much info to the counselor as possible? It's weird to me but I guess if that is how they do it then whatevs.

I am skipping a workout today although I may do some candlelight yoga tonight in hopes it will help me relax and go to sleep. The insomnia monster has decided to grace me with his presence again. Stupid fucking insomnia.

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