Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 5

Has it really only been 5 weeks since I began my workout plan? According to my blog "9 months" then yes, yes it is. I feel like it has been longer than that and was starting to feel really discouraged that I am not seeing results. So in honor of completing 5 weeks (the longest I have gone!) I am going to post some stats and kill me now another picture (I'll have to edit it in later). So based on stuff from wii fit I was 115lbs and 18% BMI which is considered underweight and a center of balance that leaned to the left. That was 4 weeks ago. Today my center of balance is perfectly centered (wow!!) I am up to 119.5 lbs and a 19.4% BMI which is considered "normal" Then the stupid wii tells me I should be 136 lbs with a 22% BMI. Bwahahahaha, yeah no. 136 is post pregnancy weight and it's not pretty. Now seeing as I am not actually seeing any physical results yet it is encouraging that there are actual results. One of the reasons I may not have been seeing the results I want is due to nutrition. I have begun to use spark people an I can see where I am lacking in some things but too much in others. I used to think I didn't eat enough but with this program I can see that for the most part I do reach calorie & protein markers but some days I miss the mark on calorie, fat & carbs, and then other days I have a little bit too much of all of them. As I struggle with cooking more from scratch and less processed foods all while staying under budget it will take some figuring out to meet all of my nutritional goals.

I am getting ready to begin week 2 of the c25k, that is tomorrow. I am nervous as the 60 sec jog has been a challenge, bumping it to 90 sec may be my undoing! The weather however is beautiful and certainly incentive to get out there and push myself. As is the fact that summer will be here soon and I'd like to look damn sexy in my bikini thank you very much.

I know I took measurements of myself before I began my workout routine but for the life of me I cannot figure out what the heck I did with them, a secret post, piece of paper I tossed, who knows! Today's measurements will be my starting point I suppose, so here goes, no holding back ::eek::

shoulder: 38"
bicep: 11"
chest: 33"
waist: 30"
hip: 36.75"
thigh: 22.5"
calf: 14"

and a picture of inspiration, these are the bitches kicking my ass in workouts (and boo I couldn't find a pic that wasn't heavily airbrushed)

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