Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Knock on wood

I know as soon as I write this I will have totally jinxed myself so I am knocking on wood preemptively. Saturday while we were at Sub Ball the inlaws stayed with the kids. Pixie slept in her own bed, or well rather she slept in bed with Rory but it was in her own room. Thinking, hmmm perhaps she might just be ready to move on over there now right? Except she was having none of that Sunday nor Monday. So here it is Tuesday and starting at around 730-8pm she as begging me to go lay down in bed and snuggle. Problem was I as just binding off a project I had been working hard on all week and then I needed to make my bedtime snack and the kids school lunch. About 9pm I realized she wasn't asking for me anymore so I asked Rory where she was and she told me that she was sleeping with Eliza Dolittle (one of our kittens). Sweet! She put herself to sleep! So I pick her up and move her to her bed and she stays there for about an hour before waking. I snuggled her in her bed for about 1 minute, literally, before laying her back down and leaving. We are approaching hour 2 in her bed, in her room! Part of me is afraid to go to sleep, what if she wakes up and it takes me to long to rouse so I can get her settled back down before she becomes too awake? The sane part of me says sleep now while you can and take up the entire damn bed while you are at it because you tomorrow night this won't be happening.

Maybe the trick in all of this is to get her to put herself to sleep and then move her to her bed. The downside to this is husband wants to be in bed around 730 and that's just a little too early for the Pixie. Truth be told it's a little too early for me too and is contributing to my poor sleep habits as my body no longer sees bed as the sleeping place but rather the watch shows or movies and knit place. Or in tonights case, the blogging place. Just been too buy of a day to sit and blog, also too busy to have done my strength exercises today which means cardio & strength tomorrow to make up for it. Bad Jennie, Bad!

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