Wednesday, April 14, 2010


How is it possible to want a do over when the week is barely half way done? It's just been one of those weeks. First I totally screw up husband's anniversary socks by knitting one 2" longer than the other. Don't ask, I have no earthly idea how I could mess that up so bad! Then I mess up the bank acct. And yesterday was just double whammy. Instead of following my instinct on a hoagie roll recipe I blindly followed said recipe and the hoagies came out more like weapons. These things were so hard you could have tossed them in a sack and knocked someone unconscious with a good whack on the head. The real kicker? I have been planning for months my "theme" for Sub Ball. Going totally against everything I am I was going as a fairy tale princess, including "glass" slippers! I've had this dress for awhile waiting for the right Sub Ball to wear it to, it' a soft pink satin with beautiful bead work on it. Like I said so not me. I bought the shoes, the hair piece, the make up and was knitting these incredible thigh high stockings while a dear friend made me a beautiful beaded shawl. Last night I decided to try it on to make sure husband could zip it (the zipper has been a little sticky) only to discover that the 5lbs I have gained this past month has made me too big for the dress!

Now if that ain't a kick in the ass I don't know what is. I am just thankful I held on to the dress from 4 years ago (I actually had to gain weight to wear it as it couldn't be altered to fit perfectly) and wouldn't you know, it fits great. Not what I wanted to wear however. So now the shoes, stockings & shawl are out and I am upset. A friend suggested a colonic & spanx, and you know I would almost consider something that extreme but instead i am just going to go with the flow and have fun despite my dress change.

Now I need to get my energy up as today as the start of week 2 of the c25k plan and I have to admit I am not sure I am looking forward to increasing my jog time to 90 seconds.

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