Saturday, April 10, 2010

A new day

Don't you hate when things come crashing in on you? Yeah, me too. I admit it I am terrible with money, always have been. I try to be responsible and for the most part I am. Except this one little problem I have, a yarn buying and swapping addiction. Now I have previously put myself on a no buying no swapping ban and that worked. Then this past month I threw caution to the wind, started stalking my favorite German yarn updates, started swapping and for some reason these two little things open the flood gates for spending money on other non necessities. When I get into this buying fog I pay no attention to what I am doing or how much I am spending, or even what the bank account looks like until it is to late. Wake up call!! So then I have to scramble to sell off a bunch of yarns to put the money back in our account, which of course makes me feel sick and reminds me why I put myself on the ban to begin with.

Addictions are hard, especially for someone with bipolar. Sure there could be worse things I could be addicted to but my drug is yarn. Now that reality has slapped me squarely in the face I have put myself back on the no buy/swap ban, and removed myself as a moderator on the swap group I started. I even put that forum down at the bottom of my list so it wasn't right in my face every time I logged on to Ravelry. That should help. Besides I needed to put that group on the back burner anyways as modding in there is time consuming and sometimes very negative. This should hopefully free up some of my wasted time to devout to cooking, cleaning & knitting. Gah look at me, domesticated. Sick ain't it?

Then today was day 2 of the c25k training. Um, ouch. Today was much harder than day 1, the hills in this neighborhood are seriously killer. I so wish we had a track I could run over here. I might have to try out the nature trail sometime and see how that changes the workout. I have been using to track my fitne & nutrition. It is so weird I always thought I didn't eat enough food but I am finding I eat over my suggested calorie & fat intake! Crazy right? My breakfast this morning was half of my daily intake. Of course I knew it would be bad since the breakfast was so not healthy but damn. Yesterday I was 200-500 over my calorie intake and it was all good for you healthy food. I guess I still have some changes to make to my eating habits. I will love myself for it in the end!


  1. As skinny as you are, I remember you saying that you had been working out and couldn't figure out why you weren't toning faster...maybe it was because you didn't realize you were eating too many calories. I love sparkpeople. It's helping me as well!

  2. That very well could have been my problem! Plus not getting enough calcium & iron so my body is pulling from bone and muscle. Must eat better! I did struggle the last couple of days with getting enough calories & carbs and one day I couldn't get enough fat! I wish nutrition was easier.