Friday, April 2, 2010

The Jared's

Double Trouble? Not really! Jared has a a friend name Jared who also comes from a large family. They have become practically inseparable and I am not complaining. Other Jared is just like my oldest son Ethan so he fits right in with our family. His younger sister is also classmates with Xander and those 2 are also BFF's. Lately I have been talking a lot to Other Jared's mom Jessica and learning a lot about him and his home life. I feel for both of them (for reasons I won't divulge on my public blog) but I am very thankful that we can provide a place for Other Jared to go where he feels safe and happy. We treat him as one of us which makes him feel comfortable and relaxed, something he needs. Jessica tells me all the time she is thankful for us and all we do for him and has been trying to find ways to show us appreciation. I have to admit that part makes me feel a little weird. We love Other Jared and love having him here, he has never been a burden or caused any problems. He is a great friend for our Jared and that's really all we care about. Plus hey, I love that we are the cool house that all the kids want to come to, makes it easier to keep up on what our kids are doing!

The boys have been cleaning out the garage, getting it organized and making room so they can turn it into the awesomely awesome jim jammin teen room o' fun. They have done a pretty darn good job so far! I guess the boys have been talking about how they want/need more stuff for their room so Jessica has decided to buy them a game table to put out there. On the one hand it's totally awesome and something we wouldn't be able to afford to do and I know the boys will love it but on the other hand it just feels weird. What if the boys have a falling out and Other Jared wants the table back at his house? Or? I don't know maybe I am just being silly and should accept it with humbly in the spirit that it is being given.

Another thing I have learned is that Jessica can't cook so they live on frozen foods or take out. Pretty standard it seems these days right? She found out I cook a lot and make many of my own foods so looks like I will be giving her some cooking lessons and tips on grocery shopping etc. I love that both Jared and I are having an impact on this family! Oh which reminds me what Jessica was saying to me today! Jared has been a great influence on her Jared! I cannot even tell you how much this makes me go all mushy in side. See I used to worry Jared was going to have a lot of problems as he got older. He used to have severe anger issues, very volatile and destructive at times. I'll be honest and say it was getting to the point that I was scared. Now I am not sure what the turning point was with him, maybe a year away from all of us (and teasing siblings) where he got one on one attention at his grandparents, or an acceptance of how is life was, or just him growing up and maturing. You'd never know he was just barely turned 13 as mature as he is now. He has always been a little more mature than the other kids his age but now it's even more obvious the more I get to see other kids his age and in his class. I keep hearing from others what a mature, kind, smart, caring, intelligent child he is and I tell you I could not be prouder! You spend your parenting years worrying you are screwing your kids up or doing something wrong but then there comes the day you see all those years of worry and frustration were all worth it and you get rewarded with this awesome human being that you helped shape. Gush gush gush!

Now for my daily work out update. Abs of Envy, abs of HOLY MOTHER OF A BISCUIT I THINK I'M GOING TO DIE! And I LOOOOVE it! Finally I have found the work out system that gives me what I want. We have already established I am a die hard ab fan and have found that pretty lacking in the other work outs. I will tell you though the Girls of Envy are hardcore (and they are hot too so that makes the work out at least easy on the eyes). The best things about their workout systems is even though the focus of a work out may be on a specific body part, you are using your entire body and engaging all of your muscles plus getting cardio. All very important elements since target toning generally doesn't work on it's own and you need the full system to see results. My ass has been sufficiently kicked and I can feel results after just 3 work outs,which makes me excited and hoping to see results in 4 weeks, now wouldn't that just make me giddy?

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  1. Wow! I just found your blog--how cool! Your family has done wonders for my family already; and yes, I can't express enough how much I appreciate how awesome you all are for accepting son Jared, letting him be the person that he is, being there for him, and also taking me on by showing me what and how a true homemaker's world is like staying home.

    As far as the game table, it's yours to give to friend Jared and all the kids. Shoot, you can even say it's from you guys--it doesn't matter to me, really. Maybe you could give it to them as a reward or something. But, it'll be given to you, then you can decide how and when to give it to them. I wish I could have the "cool" house again (which I did have a long time ago--and what an awesome feeling to be the "cool" mom, "cool" family with the "cool" house that had the "cool" toys, and of course, food...); but since that's not obviously happening for me anymore (dreams of kids hanging out with me is gone now :( Way bummer). Oh, how I miss those days! So, I feel the need (because I can't do this for my kids) to help, encourage, and contribute to a family that I know can provide for my son: a place where my son feels comfortable to be himself, safe, willing to help and do his share (or at least some of his share, I hope)and be happy. Since both the Jared's (and some of your other kids, I'm sure) are working so hard to make the garage the jim-jammin teen room o' fun, it would be an awesome reward for their hard work to add a game table to it! Anyway, HOPEFULLY they won't ever have a falling-out; but if they do, no worries--it's yours to keep. I still haven't been able to pick it up--shortly soon, though. I'm hoping to maybe next week.

    So, I don't worry about the "falling-out" part, but I do worry about the maturity level between son Jared and friend Jared. Friend Jared is sooo patient whereas son Jared is such a hyper-active kid (not to mention silly, and probably, annoying at times). I do, however, wonder how long friend Jared can deal with the immaturity level (where some of their friends are at) considering friend Jared's maturity level is by far way more mature. :) So, that would be my concern.

    One last thing, Friend Jared is a great, positive influence on son Jared. I still can't express enough how much he's done wonders for son Jared. You should feel proud--it's totally justified. Great job to you and your husband on parenting because your kids rock! Thank you!