Friday, April 16, 2010


Oh so very tired and lacking in motivation this week. I have no idea why I am feeling so blah but not only am I tired I am also moody and cranky. Now before you go jumping in and saying "is it PMS?" let me say no, it's not, too early for the PMS monster to be raging. I need to make 4 loaves of bread today, dinner for tonight and prep dinner for tomorrow, and I also need to make snacks for the kids for the weekend and of course go on my jog today. Not to mention clean my room, including sheets & comforter change, clean the bathroom, and fold & put away laundry. Maybe I can bribe a kid to vacuum for me. But honestly I'd rather sit here on my butt in my rocker, watching tv or movies and maybe even knitting. Maybe it's a sign I need to get more sleep so I will be full of energy tomorrow evening for our sub ball!

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