Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baking day

I have been baking. . . a lot. Trying to get away from all the processed food crap that while we don't rely too much on we do still tend to use every so often. I can't believe how quickly the kids eat through the homemade goodies, but then they do know what's good. Today is a particularly hard baking day though as my AFS seems to be rearing up. I hate days like this when it flares up and I can barely focus, I have no patience and I can barely speak coherently. It has been much better this winter than last thankfully. I am hopeful that by moving even more away from the processed foods and exercising and sticking to my supplements all will have a major impact on how I feel physically. For today I am just pushing through and pray I will be able to make dinner tonight since it is all from scratch including the corn tortilla's for the fish tacos. Because I am just that damn good ;-)

Finally I am getting back in to knitting as well. This past week has been so incredibly busy that I just haven't had the time or the energy to get anything done. Now I am on a roll and whipping out some projects. Especially good since I have a very special pair of thigh highs that must be completed by April 17. No pictures however as I am planning to submit them for publication to the online magazine Here are some recently finished projects


  1. love the colors! And Rhiannon's haircut looks super cute from the front :)

  2. I second what Caroline said! :)