Thursday, April 8, 2010


I kept hearing about this program, 7-9 weeks to being able to run a 5K in 30 minutes. I used to love running but quit during my teen years. So now I am serious and I am going to get back in to it along with my regular workout plan following the Envy Girls on fittv (or hulu if you are without tv like we are).

Today was Day 1. My new running shoes arrived yesterday and I just couldn't wait to try them out. Let me say the shoes are fab (thanks Nike!) but our roads are rough. They are the gravel paved variety, uneven, and we live in a hilly area, so much fun! Took my 13yo out with me (and the littles tried to keep up but they quit not even halfway through) since he is training for the track team. The first few 60 sec jogs were hard but by the end I was feeling the endorphin kick and almost turned the 20 minute session into a 30 minute one. I knew it was better to stop however since it was my first day. Bonus of today's session? It was a gorgeous sunny (albeit very cold and windy) day here in the PNW so I got my weeks worth of Vitamin D, yay for sun!!

Along with my get fit get healthy plan I have been trying to cook more from scratch and rely less on convenience foods, which also means packing lunches for the kids. My grocery bill went up but all in all not by much especially as today was a stock up while it's on special kind of day. Otherwise I bet I could have kept my bill at around $100-120. Next shopping trip should be under $100 and that is my goal. Figuring out different things to pack for the kids lunches is a bit of a pain in the behind but I am confident we will figure it out and slowly move to a semi veg lifestyle. Nothing wrong with meat, I personally love it, I just don't love the conditions from which our meat comes from and buying organic humanely raised meats is far out of our current budget.


  1. My favorite as a kid for a packed lunch...and still to this day, is salad and yogurt. Now they have the Sargento salad finishers with things like almonds, cheese, chicken, cranberries, croutons, ect. To add flavor (as I kid I hated bland salad) we'd use fritos in place of croutons. Still do today :) Just pack it in Tupperware, and put the dressing in a different container. Then, at school, pour the dressing on, put the lid on the container, and shake! :)

  2. I'm seriously thinking about the C25K challenge. I joined the group on SparkPeople to see what it's about. It sounds great. I think I may have to take it a little slower, but I'm REALLY overweight. Still...having a 5K as a goal is GREAT. We are also trying to go towards a more veg lifestyle. Again, nothing against meat, but we really want to go towards more clean eating. Not to mention that you can really cut a grocery bill by cutting out meat!

  3. Katie my kids LOVE salad, love love it. I have seen those salad toppings, will see if I can create some of my own to avoid the junk in them.

    Tabatha the c25k gets really good reviews and I see a lot of people posting in that group that are also overweight and taking it slow. Even tho I am "thin" I am so out of shape it isn't even funny so I too have to take this slow. I want to do some of the 10K's and stuff that are going on in Seattle and especially the breast cancer 3 day I will never get there if I don't start somewhere right? :) You can do it we can cheer each other on!