Monday, April 26, 2010

Good bye my smelly cat :(

I got scrappy cat in to the vet today and the vet, with just a thorough physical exam, said it wasn't looking up for him. What we thought was an animal attack may have actually been a car hitting him. The minor injury was his tail was out of socket, which he said would be $300 to fix but the extensive damage was to his pelvis and even with surgery he couldn't promise he'd be totally fixed and the most humane thing to do would be to have him euthanized. I had to think about it for some time as I did sell off some of my most precious yarns (and I do mean precious and hard to get) in order to pay for his treatment and now. . . I am without kitty and yarn. I'm gonna miss smelly cat but I know I made the best choice for him based on the vets recommendation.

In other smelly news, woke up to a backed up toilet that was flooding the bathroom floor. Knowing it was likely a main line issue, I made a phone call to find out what was wrong and get an estimate of the damages. So they guy gets here and he discovered our septic pump had been turned off! He asked if I had heard an alarm and I just looked at him blankly like wtf are you talking about. He showed me the switch and alarm, turned the alarm on and I said there was no way I could have not heard that go off. So likely whomever switched off the pump also turned off the alarm so no one would know the pump was off. My guess it was done maliciously, I just can't imagine our kids, even unwittingly, doing something like this. Once the pump was turned back on everything started moving again. The only issue was that since it had been turned off for so long and had been backing up we would need to snake the line about a ft in length, which would cost $420 to do. No thanks. He told me how to do it ourselves to save money so no we just need to um, get dirty. That's one job I'll leave to the husbeast because really I deal with shit all day long I don't want to climb down in to it!

Thanks to today's excitement I have had a massive migraine and skipped my jog. I can only guess how much harder it will be to get it on tomorrow. I am so not looking forward to week 3 of this C25K. Part of me wants to wuss out and repeat week 2 and try for week 3 next week, we'll see how tomorrow goes first.


  1. I find it so hilarious that the Google Ads on your blog today are all about Plumbers, drain snakes and cat litter.

    Tomorrow will be sunshine and roses. xoxo Feel better honey.

  2. hahaha you are so right! The ads pick up on key words in my blog, I wonder what will com up when i have a really ranty soap box type post ;)

    tomorrow is another day -- scarlett o'hara was a right smart one.