Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WIP Wednesday!

I got this fun idea from a fellow knitting friend to post what I am working on on Wednesdays. Since I have so many projects to work on over the next 6-8 weeks I thought it might help keep me focused. On Friday's I think I will add to that and post my finished projects for the week!

First wip and most important that I am currently working on is an Arachne Cardigan for my friend Tasha. I am a bit further along than this picture shows but not as far along as I would like to be. I am knitting it in my favorite German yarn Wollmeise colorway pesto

Next I am working on an Owlet sweater for the Pixie, no picture of it since it is currently only to the waistband ribbing but when finished will look like this only in purple

Third project, again not pictured but I will have one on Friday, is a pair of stripey socks knit for Xander in fun autumn colored striped of pumpkin & brown.

I try to keep my working projects to 1 charted pattern that needs my concentration and at least 1-2 easy patterns that I can work on in the car, in bed, or just when my brain needs a break! I wonder what next weeks wip Wednesday will have in store :-)


  1. I'm glad you did this too! :)

  2. It should be fun and gives me more to write about than my failed attempts at getting in shape ;) lol