Monday, October 18, 2010

M is for

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmm YUMMMM! Tonight I made Mediterranean Pizza, recipe from the $5 dollar dinner mom cookbook. I cannot even begin to tell you how DELICIOUS this pizza is and everything is made from scratch! In fact I am pretty sure this dish alone makes the price of the book totally worth it. And really it isn't that expensive. I got mine for free by redeeming my Amazon GC's from my Swagbucks searches. If you haven't signed up with swagbucks I highly recommend it. It really doesn't take long to "earn" 450 sb's which can be redeemed for a $5 Amazon GC!

Back to the Pizza now. . . like I said everything is made from scratch right? I have always, kid you not, been a pizza crust from scratch making failure. No matter what recipe I have tried it just doesn't turn out right. The recipe in this book is flawless and the instructions leave out any guess work. I mean check these babies out! (I doubled the flour & water to make 2)


So easy and so so very yummy! Next came the sauce, the kids like tomato (and there is a simple and cheap!!! recipe in the book) while the husband and I prefer a white sauce. I followed the basic white sauce recipe and added parmesan cheese to it. While the kids only had fresh sliced roma tomatoes on theirs (they are so boring!), ours was a masterpiece of veggie delights. This masterpiece included fresh roma tomatoes, fresh sauteed spinach, bell peppers, some Japanese mushroom, and on my half black olives. WOW! The pictures really do not do these pizza's justice, and yes the kids did have some of ours after they devoured theirs!

why yes one of the boys did request spinach on his slice


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