Thursday, October 14, 2010

Themed postings

Just like I make meal plans (sometimes the weeks are themed, meatless monday, taco tuesday. . . ) I have been thinking about a daily theme on my blog posts. I often don't write because I just don't think I have anything to write about, perhaps by giving myself a theme this will clear some of my blog block.

So today I give you Tony Thursday, errr maybe I need to work on that name. Whatever. Tony Horton, that crazy dude that does the P90x, yea, I think I love him. After getting bored with Body For Life and then falling off the workout wagon for a few weeks I decided to just go for it, jump in and do the P90x even though I don't have anywhere to put a pullup bar and nevermind that I don't even have the strength to manage even 1 full pullup. The first week I literally thought I was going to die, of course I was also walking 3 miles every morning before starting and that really wore me out and made it hard on me. At the end of week one I ended up with a pretty bad finger injury (not due to the workouts, just my own stupidity) that meant I couldn't do the yoga nor use weights with my left hand. Ugh another week off!

Starting the count over again I jumped right back to it once my finger was capable of handling the dumbbells and yoga and pushup positions. That week was considerably easier, while still hard I at least was not exhausting myself before I even started. Week two was awesome! Now I am finishing up week 3 and my body is screaming at me. next week is an "easy week" to give the muscles some rest before they take another intense pounding. I added up how many pushups I did this Monday and shocked myself to find out I did at least 100! That is just incredible to me, especially considering how difficult some of the different positions are. I do find that I am much more tired this week and that is making my workouts a little harder. My body is just so sore, but it's a good sore, a good tired. My biceps are freaking amazing and my calves are looking pretty hot too. I just wish the midsection and thighs/bum would catch up. If anything can fix my abs I would say it has to be ab ripper x, that shit is intense and hard and serious crazy! After 3 weeks I am so close to be able to do all 25 reps for each position and that makes me very very happy. I look forward to the 30 day pictures and measurements next week!

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