Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

32, that is. . . kind of scary. I am pretty sure I am still 15, at least that is how I act most days. Of course it's just a normal day, cooking, cleaning, knitting, exercising. Nope nothing special. I did however receive a fantastic gift today, one I gave myself. The gift of change, a healthy body that is working towards becoming fit and toned.

I am on day 33 of P90x and day 3 of Brazil Butt Lift. BeachBody has mad a believer out of me with the results I have gotten. And the best part is I am not bored, not one single bit. That to me makes a huge difference in sticking to a working out program and getting results. And results I have them! Are you ready for this? Ok ok so it's not that dramatic but to me, it's major!

30 days ago --
wt : 127
hips: 36.5
waist: 29
thigh: 22
arm: 10.5

3 days ago --
wt: 125
hips: 35.5
waist: 28
thigh: 21
arm: 11

And the proof is in the pictures!

30 days ago


I mean wow, look at the difference just on my rear end! And here I thought I wasn't getting much of a lower body workout but obviously something was working it. I cannot wait for the next 30 days transformation, I expect many more changes and that excite me :D


  1. YOu are HOT in all the pictures. YOur Connecticut girlfriends can form our virtual line to give that sexy ass a nice birthday smack! <3 you!


  2. Now that's the kinda birthday spankings i can get behind ::snicker:: <3 you too!!

  3. That is amazing! The numbers are good, but the physical evidence is GREAT! You are an inspiration!

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  5. Wow!!!! One HOT mama!! P90x kicks ass... literally! LOL! You look amazing!

  6. Thanks Brooke!! I was really astonished to see the differences in the pictures because looking in the mirror I really couldn't tell.

    Beth! ::blush:: P90x is AMAZING! I love it so much and I am really liking the Brazil Butt Lift which has a program to target that lovely pear shape that I never even realized I had until looking at these pics. lol 30 more days and I get to post more improvement yay!