Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back to work!

I am so very glad that last week is over. That had to be the most draining week of my life. The 3 days of being sick and getting barely 3 hours of sleep each night really wiped me out. I did at least get 1 semi decent nights sleep but the next night started more sleeplessness.

At 1am Xander, the 9yo, woke me up complaining of a tummy ache. This has been an ongoing trend with the kids since school started so I didn't pay much attention to it at first. By 2am he was crying from the pain and being yelled at by his roommate, the 13yo. I sent Xander downstairs to watch cartoons, hoping that would help take his mind off whatever was bothering him and he could fall asleep. Around 8am I went and checked in with him and he aid it was still hurting so I felt around on his tummy to which he yelped when I pressed on the right and underside of his belly. It would be another hour before the doctors office opened so I went ahead and showered and got dressed. Thinking more on it though I decided to bypass the Dr, chances were they wouldn't be able to see him right away anyways, and so we headed straight for the ER.

Once in the ER they started to run a kazillion tests from blood to urine to a CT scan which included drinking a yummy barium drink before hand. It took about 1.5-2 hours after getting in to have a diagnosis -- Appendicitis! It took another hour for surgery prep and off my baby went, the first of my kids to ever need surgery. His surgery was quick, about 45 min. Then another 45 in recovery before he was wheeled to the outpatient room and could have a little food (jello and a Popsicle lol). We were in that room about 30 minutes before he was discharged and we could go home. It all happened so fast, we were there by 930 and home by 430!

That night I played musical beds flitting between my bed with Pixie and the couch with Xander before I finally surrendered and just slept on the couch with Xander & Pixie, or well at least I tried to sleep. After that I made a mat on my bedroom floor for Xander to sleep on. I think this surgery has really affected him. He has been very clingy and needy of his mommy, something that is very much unlike him (at least since he was 3 anyways).

This week there is so much going on as well that I feel overwhelmed which usually leads to me getting nothing accomplished. The inlaws will be arriving on Friday and while I know I should be cleaning a little each day the other half of my brain says what is the point, the kids will have torn it all up before they get here so why not just wait until they head off to school Friday morning and do a mass cleaning then? You know that sounds like a good plan indeed.

Because last week was so nuts I didn't do the recovery week of P90x and I have to say I missed my morning workout with Tony. Never thought I would say that! This week I am switching things up a bit. I was following the classic routine for P90x but one thing I noticed was that I as starting to bulk up on my arms (even though I have been using light wts!) but not getting enough focus on what I wanted, lean, slim, toned lower body. I am no following the lean plan and have added in the Brazil Butt Lift workout. Holy crap that workout is NO joke! I however am far from being a sexy or graceful "dancer" which is my only negative about this workout is it does focus a lot on dancing/dance moves. My hope is that as I learn the moves they will start to become more fluid and thereby start looking sexier ;) Yesterdays routine was the bum bum and man does my bum bum huuuuurt! But it's a good hurt. Today was cardio axe (all dance, I really should take a video of me doing this for the pure entertainment factor) and then tummy tuck, an extreme ab workout. I think it may give the ab ripper a run for it's money. So now my bum, my thighs and my abs are killing me but it is all worth it.

Tomorrow as part of WIP Wed I will be including my 30/1 day measurements and pictures, after all I too am a work in progress!

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