Saturday, July 31, 2010

A new addition to the family

We finally did, we got a new dog. We've had some drama and heartache over dogs before and have been very gunshy to try again. After visiting some friends in GA who had 4 very loveable huggable dogs the urge to try again was very strong. We wanted to make sure it was right this time and not rush in to anything. Ha! I casually did searches here and there on petfinder but of course I am being much more picky and slow about this.

Then Thursday, late at night I was reading in LSG (it's a brassy knitting forum, I learn a lot of colorful new language in there), where I saw a post calling for dog help in the Seattle area. A regular was posting for a friend asking if anyone knew of a good no kill shelter or someone who wanted (or could) take in a dog as the owners desperately needed to re-home her. I went ahead and told her to send the owner my email address and I'd see what we could do as well as told her about the local shelter here.

Friday Morning I called up Christy and we talked at least an hour about her dog, the reason she needed to give her up and everything else in between. We agreed on doing a weekend trial run of having her here and seeing how she fits in with us and if we are a good fit for her as well. I wanted to talk it over with the husband but he was unreachable so I figured it was easier to ask forgiveness than permission ;-) Once I was able to reach him he was rather happy at the prospect so it was all good.

That afternoon Christy brought Kashka and all of her possessions to us. It was practically immediate we all just meshed together. Kashka took to us with no issues and we took right to her. She is a very sweet loving dog who just loves people and wants to please everyone. Course she is stubborn but has had some training as far as her crate, the sit command, walking on a leash, and ringing a bell to alert us she needs to be let out. She has been with us for 25ish hours now and I simply can't imagine life without her now. She is a lapdog and if she isn't in our laps she is leaning against our legs and sitting on our feet -- or chasing after the kids lol

This is my first picture with her and I am sure there will be many more to come. <3 this girl so much and I am very thankful we had the opportunity to take her into our home.

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  1. Pets are such wonderful additions to families. We can't imagine our life without our crazy pup. They are wonderful companions and teach the kids wonderful charachter traits such as responsiblity, compassion and respect.

    Jen, she is beautiful and I wish you and your new member of the family many wonderful years of loving on each other! "ruff" ~that's from Calhoun, our pup