Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What a day!

Our intentions this morning was to wake up early and do my w5 d3 run but I guess we needed some extra sleep as even my wake up at 4am husband slept until almost 10. At that point running was out of the question. So instead we did the grocery shopping and holy hell are prices here expensive! I bought enough groceries for 4 dinners and a little but of yogurt and lunchy items for a total of $105, um ouch. I would have spent half that at home, and that didn't include the produce which I went to a better store for, and that was $85, jimminy cricket! After all that decided I wanted a sister day so we all went up the mall so she could help me pick out a few summer clothes as all of mine are now way too tight, like disgustingly disturbingly tight. After awhile of trying on size 7 & 9's and realizing sizing and cuts have drastically changed in the last couple of years I tossed my hands up in frustration and just wanted to quit. I told sis I'd buy her a decent nursing top or 2 since she had none so in to Motherhood Maternity we went. Ok maternity clothes have changed a lot since I was last knocked up. Let's just say I tossed my pride at the door and tried on maternity clothes. Yes, I am serious, this is how low I have gotten. But damn the clothes were cute, they were comfortable and they didn't squish my fat in all the wrong ways. So guess what? I bought some! Damn straight and I don't care lol The ultimate though was trying on swimsuits, again. I have now discovered the skirted bottoms and OMG I am in LOVE. I finally have a 'kini that I don't feel all gross wearing but it doesn't look like am old fogey mom.

Now since we didn't run this morning, in fact I haven't run in 4-5 days, I decided to suck it up and go tonight. It was supposed to be my w5d3 run and I said you know I might as well suck it up and do it. Ethan, my oldest decided to tag along and amazingly enough he kept up just fine. I got a little lost in my own neighborhood and kept taking us out to the busy main road but eventually I got us going back in the right direction. I decided to check my time on the podcast and realized I was 30 seconds away from hitting 20 minutes and couldn't believe it!! Here I as running on the ROAD and I had done it for 20 minutes!! I realized I still have a bit to go before I'd get to a spot were it'd be 5 minutes to walk to dad's so guess what I did? That's right, I KEPT RUNNING!!! I added 5 more min to the run for a total of 25 minutes, hell yeah! Now I am going to go map the route I took and see what my distance was. So now the decision, do I keep running the c25k's program or just keep running 25 minutes and adding a minute each run until I am at 30 min and then start running for distance instead of time? Maybe I'll just stick to the program, it's been a great motivation.

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