Thursday, July 29, 2010

Body For Life Challenge Pictures

So for this 12 week challenge we are supposed to take photos and post our stats, I'm a little late as I am 1.5 weeks into this already but seriously there is no change yet so no matter.

Weight -- 127.6lbs
BMI -- 20.7
Now I know both of these are in the normal range and I am not in this to lose weight, I am in this to gain health, get toned and lean muscle mass. I want that BMI to be from muscle mass not from flabby fat mass tyvm.

calf: 14"
thigh: 23 3/4"
hips: 37"
waist: 29.5"
bicep: 10.5"
chest: 32"



Ugh that behind photo is just gross but when I am done with this challenge and it looks how I want it to look I'll always have this pic to remind me of what I don't want to let my body become again.


  1. Can you bend over so I can slap your HOT MILF ASS!!! You are not gross.

  2. i WISH my back were as "gross" as yours!

  3. Bahahahaha Christine now you sound like my husband!

    I wont even wear that kini in public anymore, 2 yrs ago my ass was not hanging out of the sides :/ I bought a skirted bottom for this year but I want to be able to hang it up for good by the end of this challenge.