Monday, February 8, 2010

Sometimes I just want to punch someone

Not for any real reason, but wouldn't it feel good? Kind of like smashing dishes just to hear them break. Not that I would ever do that mind you. I am a perfect lady.

You can stop muffling your giggles now!

The day started out benign, I had my coffee, did some facebooking, some ravelrying, some blogging. Then I wrote up and charted my nw sock pattern for a club I was invited to design for. Fun right? I felt confident everyhing was perfect so off it went to my tech editor. Now I love this woman as she goes over my work with a fine tooth comb and then sends me back a long list of wtf's? Love it! It means by the time the two of us are done it IS perfet and it's worth the money someone paid to get the pattern. If there is nothing I hate more it's spending my hard earned money on a pattern that is written so piss poor you'd think the writer had never written and published a pattern before (and maybe this would explain why despite how many patterns said designer has published, there are very few that have actually been knit. Might be a clue in there!). So like I said, love my tech editor.

While I am busy correcting my fuck ups, I decide the chart would be better if I split it from 1 main chart to a front leg & back leg chart (which each will require 2 charts, weeee are we having fun yet?). In the process of making NuChart I discover 1 stitch that is wrong, not only does this stitch screw up the row it's in it also screws up the row count for the rest of the chart. Now I know this is like Greek to you non knitting folks but trust me this is TRAGIC! Now by this point I have corrected mistakes, staring at my screen for sometime and reworking a chart that now has to be rereworked all while I have fixed dinner and tended to children.

Children, those whining, crying, annoying, must have moms attention RIGHT. NOW. or else. Nevermind that dad is sitting right beside me. Nope, only mom will do. My nerves are stretched thin, my stress level rises, and on comes the massive headache. Mom explodes. Not once, not twice, but thrice. Sigh. Is it really so hard to just leave mom alone for a few minutes? Can't you ask dad to fix your cup of milk? I love you honey but I cannot concentrate on you counting your change to me when I am trying to count stitches in a row.

And now it is bedtime. The silence is almost nervewracking. Thankfully my husband is snoring so there is some noise in the background. I've enjoyed a most delightful cup of hot cocoa, calmed myself down with some funny as hell reading about Lost theories (yes I am a Lost fanatic) and silly yarn swappers. Now its time to get my fingers to the needles and whip out a sock tonight. I know I can do it if I just put this laptop down and have at it. I feel a lot less like punching someone now and much more like curling up with a good book and warm snuggles.

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