Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Study concludess Circumcision does harm not good


Now I didn't a need a study to know that cutting off a healthy functioning part of a penis causes harm, but it seems the people of America do. I doubt this study will hit the mainstream media, America would rather bury it's proverbial head in the sand and ignore what is right under their noses and continue on causing harm. To accept and acknowledge that circumcision is mutilation, hurts infants and is unnecessary means admitting they were wrong. Doesn't the saying go "When you know better, you do better"? Why can't WE as a collective DO better? Why can't we say past knowledge was incorrect, accept it and move on to do right by our sons!

Circumcision is NOT a parents "personal choice". It is not their penis! A vast majority of circumcisions are performed with no or inadequate pain relief. The infant is strapped down to a foam board and their foreskin is forcibly separated from the glands of the penis (it's attached much like your fingernails) and then CUT OFF, removing healthy necessary skin and thousands of nerve endings forever scarring the penis. A doctors oath is to "do no harm", how exactly is this procedure acceptable under that oath, especially given that no or inadequate pain relief is administered?

It's time to open your eyes and make a stand for all infant boys. Genital integrity should be the right of all humans, not just girls. Show our sons that we respect their genitals as much as we respect our girls and we will no longer perform COSMETIC surgery on our infants.

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