Monday, February 1, 2010

Retro Cooking Month kicks off!

Since today is officially Day 1 and as always I am a bit unprepared, I will be cheating some what. I always allow exceptions such as the kids are cereal-a-holics and I am ok with that, and I am NOT going to make my own pasta noodles or cheese or sour cream or. . . well a host of things. The point of this adventure is to get away from the everyday convenience foods and boxed meals, to get back to the simpler things in life one ingredient at a time.

I am copying this weeks schedule directly from CoaPSM blog and will add pictures, recipes and whatnot along the way.


Mon: Show us your recipe system. Keep 'em in a box? A 3 ring binder? Show us how you store your recipes!
Tues: Cook Once, Eat Twice: Have a recipe that you make so you'll be able to make another meal with the leftovers? Share it today!
Wed: Super Quick Meal: Have something you can whip up in 1/2 an hour or less? Share it today! *Giveaway day*
Thurs: Weird Jello Recipes: Do you have a family recipe that calls for jell-o? We want to know!
Fri: Quick and Easy Dessert: Have a dessert that you whip up in no time?
Sat/Sun: Saturday and Sunday will get one recipe, something that's a little more involved and takes a bit of time to cook.

I don't have a decent recipe system myself. I tend to print recipes out or just save them on my hard drive. Some are in my head or on an index card and tossed willy nilly around the house (i have found some on my washing machine!). One of my goals this week is to come up with a recipe storage system, I'm crafty but so not organized so this will be a real challenge!

Tonight's dinner was not so much up and up on the retro cooking BUT I am trying to use up what I have. On the menu was chicken parmesan, green beans and garlic bread. About the only thing from scratch was the chicken. If I repeat this recipe 1st I'll use a meat tenderizer and flatten the chicken, then after browning both sides I'll remove the chicken from the pan and drain the grease before beginning the sauce. Cook the sauce down a bit before adding the chicken back in and remembering to put the cheese on top before erving so it gets all melty and gooey. And now some pics for your drooling pleasure.

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