Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This would be day 21

But I am so over it. I LOVED loved Paleo the first 2 weeks, I felt great plenty of energy and the meal planning was a breeze. Then week 3 came along and suddenly I was very lethargic, crabby, STARVING, and afraid to workout b/c I didn't feel like what I was eating was nearly enough food. My body was missing carbs in a bad bad way. Friday I said I can't take this anymore and I ate a bowl of baked oatmeal. It was the best bowl of oatmeal I had had. Over the last 3 days I added more grains/carbs back in and my energy perked back up and I began feeling great again, like I did on week 1 of the whole30. I got in a great workout today and can't say I plan to look back.

While I was doing this diet I stumbled upon the 17 day diet. It's actually not 17 days but each cycle is 17 days until you get to cycle 4 which is maintenance. I could see following this plan starting on a rest week since cycle 1 is calorie restricted but what I live is that it doesn't take away my greek yogurt or protein shakes and I can enjoy oatmeal after the 1st cycle.

So could I see doing paleo as an everyday lifestyle diet? Not a chance. Could I see doing the whole30 as a way to kick off a diet, bust through a plateau, and/or detox? Most definitely.

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