Tuesday, June 7, 2011

1 week in and feeling fine!

Here we are at day 7 of Paleo and Day 5 of Insanity: The Asylum and I feel GREAT! I could see moving to a paleo diet as a lifestyle change although I do think I'd add back in my daily coffee or latte and probably my greek yogurt too although I have not missed them as much as I thought I would. Sugar has been the easiest to give up and I only miss dairy when I am making something cheesey for the kids.

My energy levels have been insane! I spent time in the kitchen Sunday cooking all of my weeks breakfasts and stuff for my husband as well. Lunches are easier to prep but we did precook all the meat needed. I am actually surprised that while it seems like a lot of meat it's less than I was eating before as the portions are smaller.

Asylum has been an adventure. I lack a good amount of coordination needed for speed/agility but loved the strength and back to core workout. Vertical plyo, while it sounded scary wasn't so bad. I did have to modify some due to my knees but otherwise I kept up pretty well. I will say I detest jump roping and I do not find it to be an "active rest" type of activity lol I can't wait to try out gameday and overtime in another week :D


  1. I'm doing the Paleo thing too, and when I drank a Greenberry Shakeology the other day, mixed with nothing but water, I noticed it tasted much sweeter to me. I think that's because I've given up sugar...

    Asylum scares me... but I want it...

  2. It is sweeter, at least the chocolate, I can't drink greenberry alone lol and you are probably right because we are not used to the sugar anymore.

    Asylum = not scary but boy did they build up the fear for it lol