Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You gotta kick a little

I have no idea why this old country song pops in to my head every time I think about giving my workout a jolt but it does. It's kind of appropriate as it will certainly be kicking a little ass, and in this case, my ass.

I have just entered week 6 of BFL, the half way point. I have lost a few inches and this weeks weigh in showed I have lost 2lbs as well. It is such a great feeling knowing their are changes taking place, real actual changes! And yet still somewhat discouraging that I can't see those changes yet and looking at pictures husband took this weekend makes me even more determined to get these thighs in check.

We registered for a 5K on Oct 2, my first race! It's just a small town local race to benefit the local high school athletics and I am all for supporting that. Of course then I realized I hadn't run since I started the BFL program, umm eep! I have walked and I have done intense cardio on the elliptical but that doesn't mean I can run 3 miles! I also think I am past the point of restarting c25k plus I wanted a shorter training 12 weeks is too long. I picked one from fitness.com I think it is, I don't recall as I wrote it all down rather than bookmarking. I decided to start it in week 3 make it a 4 week program instead of 6.

I was really impressed with how much easier it was to run today. I guess all that weight lifting and cardio on the elliptical have made improvements! It took me 43 minutes of run/walk to hit 5K which is just awesome as I'd like to be able to run it in 30-35 min and I think that might actually be possible! My new training schedule looks like this (though I got a day off track)

week 1
Mon - running + weight lifting
Tues - walk + elliptical
wed - hooping + weight lifting
thurs - walk + elliptical
fri - hooping + weight lifting
sat - running
sun - OFF/Free day

week 2 - 4
mon - running + weights
tues - running
wed - hooping + weights
thurs - running
fri - hooping + weights
sat - run
sun - off

I might be a little crazy but thankfully school starts in 2 weeks and I'll have my days free to get my workouts in without kids yeah!


  1. You're far more motivated than I am, lol. I'm still running with DH about 3 times a week, and I just moved to 2 1/2 miles of run/walk. But I'm running 3/4 mile at a stretch now. The rain and earlier sunsets are screwing with our schedule, though.

  2. yea once the kids get in school I'll be moving my workouts to early morning since it gets dark at 330 in the winter here yuck and it rains all.the.time.

    i am not sure if it's motivation or sheer stubborn determination to get what I have been after for so long. it seems silly to give up now after 7 months of striving to reach a goal. I can run almost a mile stretch at a time now which is a major improvement, hell I have run over 2 miles in a stretch when I was back home. I just want to be able to run the full 5k and in decent time come oct and I have 5 weeks to get there.