Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 31 of 84 -- weigh in!

4 weeks down, 1/3 of the program finished! I am feeling better and pushing myself to really work the muscles. I added in the cardio the last 2 week and that has been great, I am in love with my elliptical. But now comes the fun part, pulling out the tape measure and checking my stats.

Weight -- 127 lbs my new norm, and I am ok with that! :)
BMI -- 20.7
(no changes)

calf: 14"
thigh: 22" wooo lost 1.75"!!!
hips: 36.5" down 1/2"!
waist: 29" down 1/2"
bicep: 10.75" heh gained 1/4" lol
chest: 32" I dont expect any changes here ;)

I am excited to see some measurable changes! I can't really physically see those changes yet but I know it's happening and for the first time since I started this journey 6 months ago. This means that the program I am on is the right one for me and that, that gives me the confidence and boost to keep going and keep pushing myself.

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