Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finally seeing it all fall in to place

It seems so strange to be 32 and still floundering around wondering what I am going to do with my life outside of raising my family. My dreams have changed over the years as they are want to do as one matures and grows in life experience. There were times I thought of turning my love of yarn and knitting into a business but over the course of the last few years realized it would be a huge daunting undertaking with no guarantee, well not that starting your own business ever has a guarantee at success. I worried about the joy being taken out of something I find soothing, so better not to turn my hobby and destresser into a full time full blown stressful business venture.

With the pregnancy of my 3rd child 9 yrs ago I started to get that calling to do something with pregnant/birthing mamas, I just wasn't sure exactly what. I trained to be a Doula but ever completed my certification. As much as I knew I would love doing this I also knew there would be many many more times that I hated it, where I would want to speak my mind but would not be allowed to. For anyone who knows me, keeping my opinions to myself is like trying to hold back a river with a piece of paper!

And then, this past year I had it! Childbirth educator! This, this I could do! I got my scholarship into the certification course and was thrilled, except despite the scholarship I was still looking at $1000 or more to complete most of my requirements. I am a determined little git though so something like that won't stand in my way, it's just a matter of working it all out.

During this time I stumbled upon Hoop Dancing and fell in love. A work out that was fun and challenging and even came with the added bonus of me being able to craft my own hoop! Now that just made me all kinds of giddy. Not to long ago my online instructor announced she would be offering a teacher training course and I thought, now how cool would that be to be a hoop dance instructor? It is something I could add in to my CB business, especially if I also get certified as a pre/post natal fitness instructor through the same company I am getting my CBE from. The downside, her class is very expensive and it's online, where I feel this is one time i person training would be very beneficial. And that is when it happened. I learned that the Hoopnotica trainer was coming to Seattle in January. She trained Marisa Tomei (who now has her own hoop fitness video out) and Halle Berry to name a few. And yes her classes are also expensive BUT I can split the cost over a few paychecks and it's in person with a well known and very reputable trainer, exactly what I was searching for.

Now the impulsive part of me wanted to jump right in & pay for the training without a second thought to anything else. Imagine my surprise when my sensible side came out and said, WAIT! Why don't you first find out if there are any gyms/athletic clubs looking for new instructors, who are interested in bringing in a new workout. So I did the smart thing and first found a space to teach and it was easier than I imagined it would be. I am excited to say I will be teaching starting in Feb or March next year!! I will also be applying for the pre/post natal fitness certification before this year is out to get in on the low introductory price. This means that in just a few short months I will be certified for 1 side of my business and can use the income I generate from that to finish paying for my CBE!

It is all lining up so nice and neat, it almost seems to good to be true. However I will not let that pessimistic negative nelly creep in. How can it be too good? It is perfect and exactly what I have been searching out for so long. I love that I can take my passion and my joy and turn it into something beneficial not just for me but for the women whose lives I will be able to touch.

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  1. I have mentioned it before, but I am so excited for you. I watch with awe as these things fall into place for you. :)